Frequently Asked Questions

What figures do I need and how do I collect them?

The website requires two main pieces of information for the 'tiny' calculator on the front page:

  • The amount of fuel put into the tank
  • The distance travelled since the last fill up
Other information is required to make full use of the site's features and to let you collect historical data:

  • The date of the fill up
  • The cost of the fuel (either per unit (litre/gallon), or for the whole fill up)

To collect the data, do the following:

  • Put a pen in your car.
  • Go to a petrol station and fill up as normal.
  • Check that your receipt mentions the amount of fuel you put in.
  • If it does, just write the mileage from your dashboard trip meter on the receipt.
  • If it doesn't, write down the mileage and also the amount of fuel displayed on the face of the pump.
  • Zero the trip mileage.